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Horseback riding

There is no greater mystery than magic bond connecting the rider and a horse …


Bieszczady history has always been intertwined with fates of horses. The horse was a friend of the Bieszczady Zakapiory who shared their fate for worse and better. Together they wandered aimlessly throughout the mountains, traversing the most beautiful corners of the region.


Today, most of the natives turned his horse to the car. But with us you can still feel the old taste from many years ago and return to the world of the mysterious nature. We all wear hats, mount up and move ahead, galloping through Bieszczady hills …


We invite horseback riding enthusiasts and those who want an equestrian adventure yet to begin.


Horse riding

If you do not know how to ride horses or have never tried before, we invite you to our stud farm. Here, under the careful eye of an instructor, you can hone riding techniques or learn it from scratch. Calm horses and patient instructors is a great starter kit for beginners. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. You can also buy a package. With us you can even obtain riding PTTK Mountaineering Horse-Riding Tourism Badge. Karino SPA Pension serves as the Centre for Mountaineering Horse-Riding Tourism affiliated by PTTK.


Guided horse riding

The youngest horse enthusiasts are invited to join exercises, where they learn to keep their balance in the saddle, bestride, catch the stirrups and acquire self-confidence while on the horse.

Worth mentionong are the benefits of sitting in the saddle: exercicsing neck and torso musles, arm and leg lifts, etc..


Expeditions in the area and rallies

We offer one-day field trips for those who already feel confident in the saddle. Such a trip is an excellent opportunity to explore the area and reflect on the world from a different prespective. As well it can help to create an incredible bond between the horse and the rider. Only then you can feel the magic of friendship, which in turn awakens a completely different view of the world.

Details of trips are set individually with the client. We are open to your suggestions. This trip will surely be a pleasure for both you and the horse!


Trapper like expedition with a bonfire and the secret of mulled wine

An unforgettable wagon ride to the Bieszczady mountains woods coupled with sausages on the bonfire and the mulled wine will work its magical wonders and cheer up even a grump!


Sleigh Ride

„Drive, rushing sleigh, Highlander horses …” Frost, snow and lots of laughter! Immerse yourself in the unusual winter adventure. We’ll take you along the beautiful, snow-covered trail, where among the white hills and fairytale forests you will get away from everyday worries and let yourself be carried away by the enthusiastic atmosphere! Details to be determined individually.


Oprowadzanie dzieci 10 minut/20 zł
Jazda konna
Karnet na 5 lekcji (45 min)
Karnet na 10 lekcji (45 min)
40 zł/45 minut
180 zł
360 zł
Wyjazd w teren
Karnet na 5 wyjazdów w teren
50 zł/godz.
220 zł
Pensjonat dla koni 500zł/miesiąc